Henry Craythorne


Name: Henry George James Craythorne,
Born: 24 July 1984, Vereeniging, South Africa
Residence: Cape Town, Western Cape
Education: Vereeniging High (Class of ’02)
Years Active: 2003–Present
Title: Technical Director (Chief of Technology)
Spouse: Bianca Craythorne (1984)
Children: None
James Craythorne , Antoinette Craythorne
Alexander, Christine, Anel-Mari

Henry was always interested in technology and his first introduction to computers was a Commodore 64 where after this his dad received an Intel 486DX2 desktop catapulting Henry into the “new age” of Desktop Computing. As the technology age blew out of proportion Henry kept up to date with the latest developments through the ages into the 21st Century.

By the age of 13 Henry had completed his A+ and Network+ certifications and right through high school he was the “GO TO” guy when it came to anything technology related.

After High-School Henry started as a part-time junior salesman & technician in Vereeniging at a little computer company called Bits & Bytes PC Shop. He spent about a year here building on his own personal experience until he was able to secure a new job in Sandton as a Junior IT Technician at Oasis IT Services. Here he progressed from Junior Technician to Head Senior Technician in a short 2 years.

Following his passion for knowledge and technology Henry moved on from Oasis IT Services to Budget Technologies, a.k.a. BT Games , as their IT Manager . During his time with BT Games Henry was instrumental in designing their inter-branches POS Solution during a time when inter-branch connectivity was a totally new concept to the market.

Henry was Head-Hunted from BT Games by Kevin MacKinnon to take over and run his entire business ICT Infrastructure for Tarfix (Pty) Ltd at the time after which Kevin MacKinnon, now a very good and loyal lifetime friend, was instrumental in assisting Henry in starting his own business.

Henry moved on from Tarfix to Contron IT where he was HOD of Technical from 2009 – 2011. At the end of 2011 Kevin MacKinnon funded Henry’s business startup and this is when Craythorne Enterprises was born.

Since 2011, through many up’s and down’s, Henry built the Craythorne Enterprises brand into the brand it is today. Building on strong customer relationships, ethical business practices and quality services and support Henry and his team at Craythorne Enterprises is now able to supply all the turnkey ICT Solutions required in business today.

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