Why Advanced Ransomware Is Cybercrime’s Most Profitable Business Model – Spiceworks

  RSA did a revealing ransomware risk-reward analysis. See that $6 million number over to the right? Why does cybercrime like ransomware so much? Low Risk, High Payoff From the bad guy’s perspective, advanced ransomware is highly lucrative and relatively risk-free. The FBI estimates it will be a 1 Billion dollar ‘business’ in 2016.  RSA did an analysis which gives us some insight in the […]

The Week in Ransomware – November 4th 2016 – Cerber, PayDOS, Alcatraz Locker, and More!

The Week in Ransomware – November 4th 2016 – Cerber, PayDOS, Alcatraz Locker, and More! By Lawrence Abrams November 4, 2016 05:48 PM 2 Wow..lots of annoying little ransomware variants. Many of which will probably never make it too far into distribution. The biggest news is the release of new Cerber versions that now helpfully tell us the version number in the ransom note. Also […]

IoT device makers get a wake-up call on security | Gadgets Now

SINGAPORE/TAIPEI: Recent cyberattacks harnessing everyday devices such as cameras, video recorders, printers, routers and speakers are a wake-up call to the hidden dangers of the Internet of Things. The problem for the device makers, though, is that few are well equipped to tackle the unfamiliar task of foiling hackers. For a sense of that challenge, take AV Tech Corp, a once proud giant among CCTV […]

Microsoft Extends Its Security Layer To Office 365 – Petri

It seems we can’t go a week without a major data breach occurring; from Yahoo! losing data to over 500 million accounts to point-of-sale systems being compromised. Data, security, and software are three fundamental parts of any corporation and at Ignite this week, Microsoft is announcing several new tools for its enterprise clients to help them keep their data secure. Microsoft has announced this week […]

What is ransomware and how can I protect myself?

Ransomware is a very popular type of malicious code now and has a very peculiar operation: hijacks your files and asks for a monetary ransom.

Microsoft to Fix Zero-Day Windows Flaw That Was Outed by Google – Petri

Microsoft announced that it will fix a dangerous new zero-day security flaw in Windows that it says is being exploited by hackers in Russia. But Microsoft is also understandably outraged that Google inexplicably outed the flaw before a patch was ready. Frustrated with file service management? This whitepaper describes recent developments in enterprise file services, the impact of cloud storage on the landscape, proposes a […]