AI, VR and IoT to Robotics, Tech Has Lots in Store in 2018!

Each year around this time, we do our best to peer into the future and make predictions about those things that will drive us, fuel innovation, and set the tech world aflame in the coming year. The rapid pace of innovation, however, makes predicting what’s to come in tech pretty tricky (not to mention pretty exciting)! Not so long ago — though it sometimes feels […]

Ransomware: The race you don’t want to lose

In the race to detect and contain ransomware on their networks, many organizations fail before they are out of the gate.  The reason has very little to do with technology, and more so a great deal to do with process. “But we bought all the good tools!”, such organizations protest. Good security technologies implemented and optimized properly are certainly one piece of the puzzle, however […]

About the Office 365 admin center – Office 365

The Office 365 admin center is used to set up your organization in the cloud, manage users, manage subscriptions, and much more. In this article, learn how to get to the Office 365 admin center and learn about available features and settings. Check out the Office 365 admin center There are a few ways you can check out the new Office 365 admin center. You […]

Introduction to Microsoft Intune – Petri

In today’s Ask the Admin, I’ll provide an overview of Microsoft Intune. Part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security solution, Intune handles the task of managing PCs and mobile devices, such as Windows 10 tablets, Android phones and Apple iPads. At the heart of Intune is Mobile Device Management (MDM), which is a set of standards for managing mobile devices and provides features similar to, […]

IoT device makers get a wake-up call on security | Gadgets Now

SINGAPORE/TAIPEI: Recent cyberattacks harnessing everyday devices such as cameras, video recorders, printers, routers and speakers are a wake-up call to the hidden dangers of the Internet of Things. The problem for the device makers, though, is that few are well equipped to tackle the unfamiliar task of foiling hackers. For a sense of that challenge, take AV Tech Corp, a once proud giant among CCTV […]

Microsoft Extends Its Security Layer To Office 365 – Petri

It seems we can’t go a week without a major data breach occurring; from Yahoo! losing data to over 500 million accounts to point-of-sale systems being compromised. Data, security, and software are three fundamental parts of any corporation and at Ignite this week, Microsoft is announcing several new tools for its enterprise clients to help them keep their data secure. Microsoft has announced this week […]

Windows Server 2016: What’s in It for Small Businesses? – Petri

I examine if there are any features in Windows Server 2016 that might be worth SMEs upgrading for. In September 2015, I wrote in What Does Windows Server 2016 Mean for Small Businesses? on the Petri IT Knowledgebase that if your small or medium business is already running Windows Server 2012 R2, that Windows Server 2016 would be unlikely to be an enticing upgrade, with […]

Microsoft Cuts More Features From Windows 10 Pro To Push Businesses To Enterprise Edition – Petri

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that its monthly subscription service for enterprise customers would start at $7 a month and it will launch later this year. If you are a business running Windows 10, large customers will almost always opt for the Enterprise edition but smaller and some medium sized companies have been using the Pro versions of Windows for several years. Windows 10 Pro […]

Microsoft To Surpass 100 Million Office 365 Users in 2017 – Petri

In their FY16 Q4 results, Microsoft revealed that the annualized revenue run rate for commercial cloud products, including Office 365, reached $12.1 billion. A quarter later, Microsoft’s Q1 FY17 results give the annualized run rate as “over $13 billion“. The billion-dollar increase in the revenue run rate roughly matches the growth needed to achieve CEO Satya Nadella’s $20 billion target for commercial cloud products by the end of June 2018. […]

Data Transformations with PowerShell Classes, Part 2 – Petri

PowerShell teacher Jeff Hicks wraps up his series on data transformations in PowerShell using a v5 class. Source: Data Transformations with PowerShell Classes, Part 2 – Petri