Tip 7 – Simple, secret Windows tips and tricks

Aero Snap desktop windowsOne of the most appealing aspects of Windows 8’s touch-friendly side is its ability to “Snap” multiple open apps side-by-side. The feature comes in very handy on the desktop as well if you need to start multitasking. Simply click an open window and drag it to the left or right edge of the screen to automatically resize it to fill that half […]

Tip 6 – Simple, secret Windows tips and tricks

Add mouse-friendly checkboxes to iconsFor every geek who swears by keyboard shortcuts, there are a dozen casual users who rely on their mice. Activating icon checkboxes lets you select multiple files to manage simultaneously, without having to hold down the Ctrl button as you click each one.…unless you add checkboxes to Windows icons, that is. In Windows 7, type Folder options into the Start Menu’s […]

Tip 5 – Simple, secret Windows tips and tricks

Erase the pastWhen you’re shuffling files around willy-nilly, you’re bound to accidentally drop one in the wrong folder—or almost more irritating, errantly make copies of a slew of files rather than simply dragging them to a new location. Arrrrrrrrg.Rather than trying to track that missing file down or manually delete the legion of copies, whip out the universal Get Out of Jail Free card that, […]

Tip 4 – Simple, secret Windows tips and tricks

Tweaking the Send To menuWhat’s that, you say? None of the stock Send to options offer the ability to shuffle your files to the locations you commonly use? Force the issue!First, create shortcuts to the folder locations you’re like to add to the Send To menu by right-clicking them, then selecting Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). Once that’s done, open Windows Explorer, then type […]

Tip 3 – Simple, secret Windows tips and tricks

More secret right-click optionsSecret right-click options revealed by the Shift key don’t end with file paths, though.The basic Send to tool that appears as an option when you right-click on a file or folder is handy enough indeed, allowing you to move the item quickly to a handful of locations on your PC, add it to a .zip archive, or send it off in an […]

Tip 2 – Simple, secret Windows tips and tricks

Quickly launch a new instance of a programThose taskbar icons can also be used to quickly launch a second (or third, or fourth, or…) instance of a program—a fresh browser window alongside an already populated one, for instance, or another Windows Explorer window.Doing so is easy: Just hold down the Shift button, then open the program as you normally would, either via a left click […]

Tip 1 – Simple, secret Windows tips and tricks

Launch taskbar programs with your keyboard Many of us—especially users of the Start Menu-less Windows 8—use the Windows taskbar as a quick launch bar, populating it with our day-to-day programs. Opening those programs is as simple as clicking them, but there’s actually a faster way to launch software on your taskbar: Simple keyboard combinations. Every program to the right of the Start button is assigned […]

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2016) review: Faster and with a better remote

Before Amazon’s second-generation Fire TV Stick showed up for review, I thought it could be the cheap streaming device to beat. Amazon has claimed a 30 percent performance boost over the original Fire TV Stick, whose biggest problem was sluggishness. Apps took a long time to load, and were prone to bouts of freezing and stuttering. The device didn’t seem built to last in an […]

Google Daydream vs. Samsung Gear VR: Which VR ticket out of reality should you choose? – CNET

Wanna get away? If you’re looking for a ticket out of this universe, at least temporarily, VR can deliver that on your phone. Or, even give you ways to reach out and communicate with the world. Samsung (with Facebook) and Google offer you two options: the Samsung Gear VR, and the new Google Daydream View. They work with recent Samsung Galaxy phones and the Google […]

Microsoft fixes Windows security flaw under attack by hackers | ZDNet

Microsoft has fixed a security flaw in Windows that was being actively exploited by hackers.The software and services giant released the patch as part of its monthly round of security patches, known as Patch Tuesday.In a security bulletin, the company said that the “important”-rated patch will fix multiple elevation of privilege vulnerabilities, which can be exploited because of how the Windows kernel-mode driver improperly handles […]